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I have no idea what we are going to do moving forward, but the bad news makes me even more determined to enjoy as many moments as I can with my girl. Today we went to a really lovely section of river and just enjoyed it with no expectations.

I won’t repeat myself too much from what I say in the video, but just want to state my amazement in how much it helped. I was able to refocus on what is really important, Ellie. Not Ellie’s potential life expectancy, just Ellie.

Just love this pup so much!

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6 thoughts on “Reset”

  1. Ohhhh. Whitney, oir dear Whitney. This was a beautiful video on so many levels. Aside from enjoying g the day with you and Ellie and all the lovely sounds and sights of natur, you are relaxed and fully present in the moment. Yes, I had a few tears because of ….well…..because of everything you posted. Guess my tears were from hearing you at peace and hearing how you are committed to living in the now, in the present, in the moment …..just like Ellie. Life lesson learned.
    You have given us even more reasons to admire you and Ellie for inspiring us on ao many levels. Not letting this piece of crap disease rob you of your time together is a victory to celebrate. Clearly Ellie ahas every intention of making each moment the best moment ever and soaking g of the joy of your love and spoiling.
    As always, can never get enough of this beautiful gal so keep the pictures and videos coming! We sure di love sweet Ellie♥️

    1. Sally thank you so much for your unwavering support. Not quite sure where I would be without Tripawds. I promise there will be plenty more photos videos of our sweet Elle-Belle 🙂 🙂

  2. SO TRUE! This isn’t about the prognosis, it’s about recognizing that with or without cancer we all have limited time on this earth. It’s about making the most of it through the good and not good times, and that picture shows you are doing exactly that.

    What a sweet photo! I can’t see the video though. What did you upload it to? Best way to share videos is to first upload to YouTube, then copy/paste the video Share URL here in your post, it will automatically appear. Just bark if you need help with that.

    It was so nice to chat with you on our Zoom call!

    I hope we get to meet you soon! Nellie has a 6/7 appointment at CSU. If by some chance you and Ellie will be there that day let me know!

    1. Hello! well darn it- I made it in TikTok, so I uploaded it per WordPress instructions to the blog. I did upload it to Youtube as well, but it was really degraded video quality, but check it out here:
      We would love to meet up! I don’t have any appointments setup, but I only live about 15ish minutes from CSU so I’m sure we can make something work. I’m private message you.

    2. Ok I went ahead and switched the video to the youtube version- I re-watched it and it isn’t as bad as I though, maybe I was viewing a preview before it was published and it made it really rough, who knows! but if you couldn’t see it, probably means a lot of people couldn’t.

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